Boris Nets

Boris Nets Offer a Range of safety equipment for working at height, an outline of the range is shown below.




Double Webbing Lanyard
30mm polyamide webbing, length 1m (EN354)




Expandable Shock Absorbing Lanyard
from 1.2 - 2.0m. Activation fall indicator






ProMax 1
Ideal where attachment from the back only is required. Webbig shock absorber lanyard with scaffolding hook (EN361)






ProMax 2
Front and rear anchorage point with 2 webbing side loops and standard karabiner (EN361)




Safety Ropes
14mm polyamide rope with a loop and spliced end. Length to suit. (EN1891)








BlocMax Ropegrab for 14mm Rope
With a standard karabiner, automatic and manual function (EN353-2)





Shock Absorber Webbing Lanyard
30mm polyamide webbing, length 2.0m with 2 standard karabiners (EN355)









Standard Karabiner
Standard stainless steel screwgate karabiner, opening 18mm (EN362)






StopMax Evolution
Automatic retractible cable lifeline with or without fall indicator. 5m-25m (EN360)