Boris Nets

Boris Nets has an in house testing facility. This allows Boris Nets to test all netting for conformity.

Safety Net Testing

Personnel Safety Nets manufactured to EN 1263-1 have to be tested annually. This involves removing a sample and testing for residual strength. Boris Nets offers a safety net test facility to their customers.

Annual Safety Tests

Boris nets offer two levels of safety net testing:

As Required Testing - A sample area of the safety net is sent to Boris Nets for testing to determine residual strength. A test report is issued. For nets that pass, a tag can be issued for attaching to the net certifying the net for a further 12 months service.

Testing, Inspection & Repair - In addition to the test report on the sample area, the entire safety net is inspected and any allowable repairs can be undertaken, certified by the attachment of a net test result tag. Any nets that fail should be permanently removed from service.